The Kiwanis Club of Monterey is composed of men and women of diverse ages and backgrounds who enjoy planning and operating worthwhile community service projects that we could could not realize as individuals. Our projects focus on the needs of children, youth and our neediest local neighbors, and are described elsewhere on this web site. Our club has been an active force in the community for almost 100 years.

We welcome new members who share our commitment to local community service. Our main focus is the City of Monterey, but we stray occasionally and there are no residency requirements for membership. There are five steps to becoming a member:

1. Become acquainted with our club by participating in one or more lunch meetings, service projects and/or social events. Usually this will be at the suggestion of a friend who is already in the club, but contact the membership chair if you don't know any members.

2. Submit a membership application form (there is a link below). This will include the name of a current club member who will be your sponsor. Usually that is the person who has introduced you to the club. If you choose to mail it, see the "Contact us" tab for the right address.

3. Attached to the application should be a check made out to “Kiwanis Club of Monterey” for the appropriate amount of club dues. The appropriate amount depend on when you join in the fiscal year. See the Dues Schedule.

4. The club’s Membership Chair or your sponsor will present the application to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, two things will be scheduled:

     a. an orientation session with one of our Past Presidents, and following that,

     b. a brief induction ceremony at a club lunch meeting, at which your sponsor will introduce you to the club, and you will receive your Kiwanis pin, gold new member name badge, club jacket, and other materials.

5. A new member also receives a list of tasks to complete in order to turn their “gold new member name badge” into a regular “blue badge.” These few tasks are meant to help you get to know your fellow members, to learn how the club operates, and to generally become an active participant in our Kiwanis Club. Usually a new member will complete these tasks in their first 90 days of membership, or sooner. (there is a link to these “blue badge requirements” below.)

For questions related to joining our Kiwanis Club, please use the "Contact us" link on the left.

link to Application Form

link to Blue Badge Requirements